How to get more twitter likes

Every single business that has an account on Facebook has their eyes set on one purpose, which is to make business in the long last. However, businesses as different and making business may hold opposing views from one business to another. Different brands will have different objectives, which are dictated by the level of the business in terms of growth or by what the business specializes in.


The objectives may include launching a new product or service, raising brand awareness, increasing online or in-store sales or promoting awareness of a newly launched app.


Irrespective of the objective that a brand is focusing on, there are specific brand promotion initiatives that Facebook users and customers respond positively to. Just like any other brand promotional strategy. Marketing on social media requires setting objectives, dedicating personnel with the expertise and investment in form of time and other resources.


There is great potential in Facebook marketing, but it requires you to put in the work to earn the attention of Facebook users. In fact, it’s a conveyer belt process that you need to go through before the fans can turn into real customers.


To begin with, you need to build a strong fan base on Facebook, then drive the acquired traffic to your website, then turn the traffic into quality leads and finally cultivate those quality leads into consumers of your product.


This post is all about how brand, whether newly established or existing ones can get more twitter likes by building an audience on facebook who can engage with you and are interested in what you brand sells.


Post search engine optimized content


To ensure that your content stands a better chance of being seen by a large target audience. Post information that contains searchable content. The Facebook algorithm will index all of your content hence helping you get more people viewing your page.


However, don’t neglect content by going overboard on a keyword-stuffing spree. Understanding what customers in your niche are searching for online can help you in optimizing every section of your page with the necessary keywords.


This will set you on the right track of getting more likes on your fan page. However, you can still buy twitter likes to help you boost the rate at which you are getting the likes. As stated earlier, you need to invest in terms of your money and other resources to get the intended results.


Incorporate your facebook fan page into your offline communications


Popularizing your facebook fan page offline shouldn’t be hard as it is online. This is because it mainly entails inviting people who can see you or your physical storefront to like your page. You can do this by placing a sticker on strategic places where people will pay attention, probably in front windows or doors.


Similarly, you can include your URL on your receipts to encourage your customers to like your page. This is the simplest way to get targeted customers. But remember that having a large number of twitter likes always works to your advantage.


People may view your page but the compulsion to follow it comes from knowing that they are joining a popular fan page that will be informative and fun at the same time. Buying twitter like will help you create this notion in the mindset of those viewing your page.


Post valuable and informative content


There is nothing that can substitute great and awe-inspiring content, not even buying twitter likes. Moreover, by great content I mean content that your audience can relate with and that touches their inner being. It doesn’t have to be all about your yogurt flavors if you sell yogurt, or about the different car models if you deal with buying and selling cars.


So where do you source this great content? You can just review your own news feed and take note of the content that attracted more engagement in terms of comments, likes, and shares. Then use this observation to inspire future content.


Alternatively, take some time off and do an online research yourself on content that attracts more likes. Check accounts of influencers in your niche and see the content of their post. Then use this information to come up with unique posts.

This area calls for great talent in creating inspiring posts. You may consider hiring a digital marketing expert if you feel that you don’t have the skills.


Be active and engage your followers


As stated earlier on in this post, getting more likes isn’t just about profile optimization and initial push such as buying twitter likes. To ensure that the growth is consistent, you need to be active and engage with your fans regularly.


It entails not only posting informative and fun to read content but also interacting with your funs in various ways such as answering questions, asking questions and participating in discussions. Avoid maintaining the official look and let your funs see the human side of you. It helps build the bonds of customer loyalty and as long as it’s helpful then it’s worth every effort.


Consider buying twitter likes to boost your marketing campaign


Of late, there has emerged a very controversial campaign to discourage facebook users from buying twitter likes, which is very misleading. The campaigns have been fueled due to the rise of fraudulent people purporting to sell genuine likes but are only vending fake likes from accounts with no profile image and fake names. I totally agree with the campaigners that this should be discouraged.

However, there are vendors who sell real genuine likes which helps brands to increase their content visibility as well as increase the rate of gaining organic likes.


Generally, the service is not costly but will depend on your budget and the package that you want to buy. Different sellers have different packages where after signing in, the likes are sent to your account at an interval that you will prefer.


This has been proven to be very effective, especially in small local businesses as well as established ones.

If you opt to buy twitter likes, be very vigilant about whom you approach to buy from to avoid being defrauded. Asking a friend or a trusted person for leads can be helpful. Alternatively, you can conduct an online research and check the vendors who have the most reviews from customers. Ensure that you have no doubt of their credibility before committing your funds.


Post regularly


Posting great content is key but posting it regularly wins you more likes within a short time and most importantly, it earns you a loyal customer base.


Most popular facebook pages that have millions of followers and attract thousands of likes on every post are known to post at least three to four times a day. Remember that Facebook is a social site and people go there to socialize. So, if you are part of that social community, you need to show that you are active by posting regularly. This will keep your audience glued to your fan page every day.


Apply the above methods and see your Facebook fan page grow. But it doesn’t end there; you need to approach every stage with a purpose until finally you can convert the funs into customers.